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The future starts now!

Before I left Judy and I had a long talk about the future. Just like Kim and I in Samanà before, we talked about supporting and involving local vets more intensely in the future.

In June 2010 we could support the clinic of Dr. Clooney with 1600 Euro where 6 young Dominican vets and students were taught safe and efficient techniques of spay and neuter. das erste Ausbildungsprojekt in Sosúa mit der kanadischen Ärztin Dr. Clooney.

Among the participants was a young vet who taught already at the university of Santiago: Dr. Giselle. In November 2010 Giselle held her first own spay and neuter clinic in Santiago with the help of Tarek El Kashef from Hamburg. Many of her students participated.

Today it takes Dr. Giselle 20 minutes to spay a bitch and Judy raves about her technique. She has told Judy that she can come to Sosúa once a month and spay and neuter about 30 animals. The costs are the same as in Bayahibe when Dr. José and his team operate: 550 Pesos for material and a rabies shot. We hope that Dr. Giselle will come to Sosúa 2013 in the months where there are no foreign vets scheduled so that 2013 will be the first year to realize Judy’s dream: A monthly clinic at the A.A.A.S.! Later on we hope to have Dr. Giselle for a day also during clinics with foreign vets to provide the legal grounds to carry out vaccinations. Some day the Association for Aid and Support of Creole dogs hopes to introduce a puppy vaccination program along with the needed rabies vaccinations so puppies won’t be any longer in danger of dying of leptospirosis, parvovirus or distemper as I have seen it happen far too often in the French Antilles.

Our goal is to prevent their birth. Where we don’t succeed doing this, we owe them the best possible start in life.

I have brought work back with me to Germany for years to come:

In the meantime: Tarek El Kashef has agreed to come to Samanà in the beginning of 2013 for one month to train Dr. Francis as surgeon!

Yours sincerly, I. Gorski-Grobe

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