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All tourists who want to help a Cuban animal can contact Katharina Hammann / directly. She deals with all matters concerning animal welfare in Cuba since 2016.

The reason for Katharina‘s focus on Cuba was a little dog…:

06/ 26/ 2015 – i was busy trying to get our page Animal welfare addresses in the Caribbean ready to go online – I got an email, the third of that kind in this week…, this time Cuba was the issue.

Katharina Hammann wrote:

„I didn’t find your site until I got back home. I stayed at the hotel Nacional in Havana from the 18th to the 24th. One night a little dog appeared, very young with hardly any hair, full of mites… I had only 3 days before I had to leave. I could obtain medication and treat the skin problems. I would like to pay for the continuation of the treatment and for the spaying of this small bitch.“

Cuba… We are reminded of magnificent buildings from colonial days when Cuba was part of the Spanish empire, and of old American limousines from the days of Batista, of Salsa and Rumba, the famous novel „The old man and the sea“ by Ernest Hemingway who spent a lot of time in Cuba, the best cigars in the world and the legendary revolutionaries Fidel Castro and Che Guevara who promised freedom and prosperity but only brought new dictatorship while the old poverty remained.

Cuba… Perfect white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise water…

…a grandiose nature…

And extreme poverty…

…countless stray animals…

…destroyed by the government with a particularly cruel and perfidious method: Professional dog catchers bring the animals to the pound where they are starved for days and then given a meal laced with strychnine because any other method of killing them is considered as too expensive.

For a long time only one animal welfare organization had the permission to work in Cuba, Aniplant:

Today the best contacts on the island for tourists are the Protección Animales de la Ciudad, to be found on Facebook under

…and Dr. Yohanky Ruiz Delgado, phone: +53550706, email, .

Dr. Yohanky Ruiz Delgado and Dra. Gladis Corria Ochoa started 2015 immediately the search for „Knupsel“…

…as Katharina had named the small bitch.

They searched everywhere but „Knupsel“ was never found again. Many tourists would have given up in despair now, maybe deciding never to visit this country again.

Not so Katharina!

Since she couldn’t help little „Knupsel“ she decided to work for the benefit of all Cuban animals. She returned to Cuba, visited the president of Aniplant, Nora Garcia, in Havana and learnt something amazing: At that time it cost only 2 euro to spay or neuter an animal cost in Cuba! Nowadays we have to estimate about 5 Euro.

The surgeons Dr. Yohanky Ruiz Delgado…

…and Dra. Gladis Corria Ochoa have spayed and neutered thousands of animals in the past years.


They have saved countless unborn puppies from the cruel fate of starvation and poisoning.

Line up in front of the surgery. Many poor people pay nothing at all…

Aniplant has developed spectacular adoption programs to save more lives: In Havana spayed and neutered animals wear collars with their ID attached to them and the names of museums, enterprises and businesses that have adopted them and are thus protected from the dog catchers.

Katharina returned to Germany and started in the context of our program „Tourism and Animal Welfare“ her project „5 Euro for Cuba“ with the goal to finance spay and neuter campaigns for about hundred animals each. She succeeded in supporing several campaigns although it is extremely difficult to get the necessary supplies into Cuba. Katharina Hammann helps especially tourists who, like herself, meet an animal during their vacation which they want to rescue. With her help already a number of animals have found their forever homes in Europe.

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