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Tourism and Animal welfare in the Carribean

Every year they meet again in the Caribbean, the tourists and the strays…

And every year the same tragedies occur…

These friendly animals are regularly poisoned to control their numbers.
Everywhere, where they aren’t spayed and neutered…

The project Tourism and Animal welfare offers hotels and communities spay and neuter of dogs and cats, further monitoring of the animals at feeding places including medicare, antiparasitical treatments and annual rabies vacinations in cooperation with local animal welfare organizations as well as providing flyers for tourists with information about the work done for the animals, the contact data of the local animal welfare organizations and the request to feed animals nowhere else but at the officially indicated feeding places.

Far too few hotels make use of this offer yet. Hotels and communities rely still rather on poisoned baits, convinced that tourists are more disturbed by the presence of the animals than by their suffering.

The tourist – the key to the success of animal welfare in the Caribbean!

Caribbean economy depends to 100 % on tourism. Therefore tourists do have the power to change the situation of Caribbean strays if they only raise their voice loudly and clearly enough!

There are already encouraging examples of tourists’ protests influencing island governments to permit spay and neuter projects or convincing hotels to cooperate with animal welfare.

We ask you in the name of all Caribbean animal welfare organizations:

Before you travel to the Caribbean, inform yourself on our page Animal Welfare Adresses in the Caribbean about the animal welfare organization closest to your holiday destination.

Visit our online travel guide Animal-friendly hotels in the Caribbean. There you find hotels that cooperate already with animal welfare and spay and neuter the resort animals. Maybe you find there your next vacation spot!

Please support the animal welfare organization at your holiday location with a donation! These small organizations are faced daily with countless suffering animals and emergencies. And they have hardly a chance to generate financial support locally!

Ask the hotel that you stay at to cooperate with the local animal welfare organization and to get the animals on the hotel ground and at the hotel beach spayed and neutered. Make it clear that your return to this hotel or its recommendation to others depends on that and that you will report about your experiences when you return back home. And please take the time to write a few lines about the experiences you made at your holiday resort on tripadvisor and our DokuWiki Tourists report. Hotels care especially about their ranking on tripadvisor. On Tourists report your review will remain permanently accessible. If you have questions about using the wiki docu please contact

If you meet an animal during your vacation that needs your help, don’t ignore it! Contact the animal welfare organization near to you and enable them to help the animal by covering the costs of its rescue.

If you fall in love with an animal during your holiday and decide to adopt it, make sure that it has a foster place with the help of the local animal welfare organization before you leave and cover the costs of the board for the time it takes to prepare the animal for the journey and fulfill all entry requirements of your home country! Importing an animal can often be a lengthy and not quite cheap procedure – but it is always worth it! Contact We will be happy to advise you and assist with all formalities.

Never feed an animal during your vacation and then leave it behind uncared for!

Never take an animal with you to your hotel or feed animals inside or near a restaurant and don’t encourage them to share your sun lounger or beach towel with you. That is the wrong way to show your love for animals! These animals that have gained confidence in humans and seek their attention and help are the first victims of poisonings!

The bitch on this photo that had been spoiled by tourists so thoughtlessly and then was left behind was extremely lucky! The guests of this hotel room adopted her! Hadn’t they been animal lovers, her behavior would have been the death sentence for this bitch!

If you meet an animal near your resort that you want to help, contact the local animal welfare organization, pay the costs for a foster place or support the maintenance of accepted feeding places with a donation. Conditioning animals to seek food at feeding places instead begging at hotels and restaurants can save many lives!

poisoned Piggy

Our petition “No more poisoned and abused dogs and cats at hotels, beaches and in communities of the Caribbean!”, which started the project Tourism and Animal welfare, ran from 02/19/2013 until 03/05/2017 and closed with 32,900 signatures. Its goal had been to start a development towards a better future for animals at Caribbean holiday paradises by raising the awareness of tourists, informing them how many animals die because the hotel industry believes that they may disturb tourists, showing how tourists can change that and making the tourist industry realize that most of their customers want a humane treatment of animals at their holiday destinations.

During its duration our hotel guide and our animal welfare address site were developed. 22 Punta Cana hotels, the main recipients of our petition, cooperated at times with animal welfare. The cooperation didn’t last because of lacking capacities of the local animal welfare organization and the constantly changing managements in the hotels The petition was reopened on 06/12/2017 with the title „ Enforce the law 245-12! – No more animal abuse and poisonings in the Dominican Republic!“ and supports the fight of Dominican animal welfare organization to enforce the Dominican animal welfare law 248-12 passed in 2012. HERE you find the chronology of our petition.


Please help us to turn the Caribbean into a real holiday paradise!