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Animal-friendly hotels in the Caribbean


Just like in every other southern holiday region homeless dogs and cats stray also in the Caribbean in every vacation spot, attracted by the abundant edibles in the garbage and the friendliness of animal-loving tourists. This inevitably leads to conflicts with the tourist industry being afraid of losing business; also because not every tourist is an animal lover. The common practice to reduce the numbers of animals by mass poisonings before and after the season can’t be carried out unnoticed anymore that easily nowadays because tourists have a growing awareness and are better informed as a result of the work of animal welfare organizations and many of them don’t agree with such practices. In some places hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars and other touristic enterprises have realized that a great number of their customers are animal-loving people and, searching for better solutions for the problems caused by too large populations of stray animals, they now support the work of the local animal welfare organizations.

Here we want to introduce to you hotels, restaurants and other touristic (or related) enterprises that support animal welfare on their island (according to the local animal welfare organizations). In some hotels guests can even vacation with their pets. We try to constantly update this site but we depend on your help: If you know an animal-friendly hotel or other enterprise that is not listed here or, on the other hand, find that a place listed here doesn’t qualify, please let us know by sending an email to If you spend your vacation in one of the hotels or visit one of the places mentioned here let the management or owner know why you chose the place and write a comment on . If, on the other hand, you witness unfriendly or abusive behaviour towards animals in your hotel or the restaurants and bars you visit let them know that you will neither return nor recommend these places and write a review on accordingly. This is the best way to make sure that the change of attitude in the tourist industry the first examples of which we introduce to you here will continue to grow.  Thank you very much!

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Galley Bay Resort

The Verandah

St. James‘ Club

All 3 resorts are supportive to the Antigua & Barbuda Humane Society and the donkey sanctuary of Antigua

In May 2014 the St. James‘ Club accommodated the 8 members of the Caribbean Spay Neuter team in 2 villas during an operative where 239 animals were spayed and neutered.

Tourists can contact the Antigua & Barbuda Humane Society in St. John under the phone number (268) 461-4957.


The Animal Relief Foundation recommends 2 hotels:

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort & Spa

Hyatt Regency

The Hyatt Regency supports the work of the Animal Relief Foundation. Here the presentation of a donation check after a fundraiser run by the hotel for ARF and another animal welfare organization. ARF works also closely with the Hyatt Regency to find homes for strays in the vicinity of the hotel.


Sandals Royal Bahamian

Sandals Emerald Bay

2013 and 2014 the Sandals Foundation has partnered with Operation potcake which has been able to facilitate the Spay and Neuter of thousands of community animals in both Nassau and Exuma. Bahama‘s spay and neuter program Operation Potcake its sponsor Sandals Resorts International for the support of the spay and neuter clinics in 2013 and 2014

Operation Potcake can be contact in Nassau, New Providence under the phone number 356-5138.

Further Sandals Resorts you find on:


St. Lucia:


The Southern Palms

The Southern Palms is located at the south coast of Barbados directly at the magnificent beach of St. Lawrence Gap. The endangered Hawksbill turtles nest and hatch on this beach between May and October, hatchings may be observed til December.

The Southern Palms has its own spay/neuter/release program, working together with The Veterinary Clinic and Barbados RSPCA.

The residential cats are fed daily.

Tourists finding an animal in need of help may contact the following addresses:

The Ark Animal Welfare Society
Salters, St. George
Telephone: (246) 435-4108
Opened 7 days a week from 10:00 - 11:30 am and 1:00 - 2:30 pm

The Hope Sanctuary
New Castle, St. John
Telephone: (246) 271-6270 mobile: (246) 826-2060


On the small coral island Caye Caulker – 5 miles long, less than a mile wide – located 20 miles northeast of the capital Belize City, you find a very special little hotel:

“Pause” at the sanctuary of the animal welfare organization P.A.W.

P.A.W. was founded by Madi Collins, born and raised on Caye Caulker, who returned to the island after having lived a dozen years in New York and was shocked by the suffering of the animals in her native country and the cruelty with which her compatriots treated them. Madi has a special love for cats and founded the cat sanctuary P.A.W..

Prices per person and night are 12,50 USD for the 10 bed dormitory, 15 USD for the 4 - 6 bed rooms and between 35 and 50 USD for a double room.

P.A.W. is always in need of volunteers for the sanctuary and various animal welfare programs and offers reduced rates to volunteering visitors.

For more information visit Volunteer Vacations:

P.A.W. and its partner-organization CAATS run spay and neuter programs in Belize as well as in Mexico. P.A.W. has a humane education program on Caye Caulker where children are taught love and care for animals in art classes. When you visit Caye Caulker, please bring paints, brushes, crayons, markers, drawing books and paper, poster, brochures, handouts and any other things relating to humane ed or art that are child appropriate. P.A.W. also builds fences for poor people so that chained dogs can be released View more about P.A.W. programs here:

For those who want to combine their next vacation in paradise – white sandy beaches, turquoise water, palm trees, sunshine, excellent diving and snorkeling – with beneficial activities, there is only one choice: “Pause” on Caye Caulker! Various excursions are offered to explore the maritime world of Belize.

Depending on where you come from, the following airlines will take you to Belize: American Airlines, United Airline, US Airways, British Airways, Delta, Swiss, KLM, Air Franca, Lufthansa.

You find photos and reviews of previous visitors on

For bookings please use the contact sheet


Pause Hostel Chetumal

In Chetumal, where CAATS and Madi Collins run spay & neuter operatives for years, a Pause hostel opened up with 4 - 6 bed rooms and comunal kitchen and bath for 10 US per person and night during the season from November til April and 7 USD in the off-season.



Sugar Reef – Bequia

Firefly Plantation Hotel

Both hotels have rescued stray dogs and cats and provided venues for fundraisers of the Vincentian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the animal welfare organization for St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


Oasis Varadero

Hotel Oasis Varadero on

Cuba is still a very bleak spot on the map of Caribbean animal wefare. The US-registered organisation Aniplant, the only animal welfare organisation that is allowed to work in Cuba, report in their 4th quarter newsletter 2014 that strays, sick and injured animals are regularly trapped by government dog catchers, carried away to a killing pound east of Havannah where they are kept without food for days to check if any of them are infected with rabies.

Then they are given food laced with strychnine and are left to suffer a slow, horribly painful death. Euthanizing is considered too expensive by the Cuban government. The pound's statistics show 13 - 15000 killings per year during the nineties, having declined to about 9600 since Aniplant started to help Cuban animals with spay and neuter. In this overall situation it is certainly remarkable when a hotel calls an animal welfare organisation to have its animals spayed and neutered.

And this is exactly what the Oasis Varadero has done!

11/02/2014 the vets of Aniplant spayed and neutered the hotel's cats.

According to eye witnesses there were about 50 cats.

Paradisus Princess del Mar

Hotel Paradisus Princess del Mar

The 5 star luxury resort In Varadero, that meets all wishes guests could have, is the second hotel in Cuba that has its cats spayed and neutered by Aniplant.

Paradisus While guests are enjoying relaxation as well as the company of the friendly cats…
Paradisus …the vets of Aniplant are busy at spaying an neutering.
Paradisus Also this cat with a bad skin disease was treated.

The operative had to be interrupted because of lack of anaesthesia but was successfully completed.

A wonderful co-operative of Aniplant Project and The Heritage, Community and Environment Society of the Havana City Historian’s Office (OHC) exists. in the museums of Old Havannah. A tourist reports: Surprised to see everywhere in and around the museums of Old Havana well-fed friendly cats and dog, the dogs with name tags and sometimes T-shirts, she investigated and found out that the museums have adopted the animals to save them ftom the killing pound and strychnine poisoning. Aniplant Project as spayed and neutered them and provides vaccinations, medicare and food. In the evening a police officer collects them; they respond to his whistle and follow him as he leads them back home to their respective museums. The funds don't suffice for all animals and some restaurants help the less fortunate.

March 2015

The project develops!

More than a dozen different instititutions are participating already! Among them Cuba’s Central Bank, a public toilet, a Communist Party gas station, the offices of the Cuban Journalists’ Union and a mechanical workshop of the Ministry of Public Health...! The animals benefitting from the program have a place to sleep, food and medical care. They wear collars with ID cards attached showing their photo, name, address, telephone number and the info that they are spayed or neutered. This way they are protected from Havana's dog catchers.

Animal lovers travelling to Cuba should not miss to aid Aniplant Project with a donation. Visit Aniplant Project yourself while you are there:

128 Principe
Municipio Centro Habana
Ciudad de La Habana
Phone: 05243-3789 / Mobile 53-5243 3789

Sweet Angel was saved with the help of retired Canadians who spent the winter in the sun and lives now a happy life in Canada.


Dominica is an island of breathtaking natural beauty, with mountains covered in tropical rain forest, rugged bluffs, 365 rivers and many waterfalls, but without white sandy beaches. Dominican resorts focus on eco tourism and wellness.

Pagua Bay House

The Pagua Bay House, directly at the Atlantic coast and the mouth of the Pagua river, only 10 minutes south of the Melville Hall airport, belongs to the 25 top ranking small hotels in the Caribbean. 6 suites in separate cabanas, resembling traditional Caribbean architecture on the outside and equipped with all modern luxurious comfort inside, await the guests. The restaurant, with a mix of American and local cuisine, and the pool offer splendid views of the Atlantic. A natural swimming pool in the cristal clear Pagua river is nearby. The Pagua Bay House assists guests in arranging excursions and activities; hikes through the national parks including the 114 miles long Waitukubuli Trail or a hike up to the world’s second largest Boiling Lake, whale watching, diving and snorkeling , canyoning, a visit to the Kalinagos, the only still on the Caribbean islands living indians, and much more: The owners, great animal lovers who have re-homed numerous dogs themselves, have a strong interest in supporting Dominican animal welfare.

Rosalie Bay Resort

The Rosalie Bay Resort lies 45 minutes from the capital city Roseau, where the Rosalie River meets the Atlantic, on a property of 22 acres, featuring 28 rooms and suites. The resort was built by hand by local craftsmen and artists using sustainable and recyclable materials. Energy is produced by wind and solar power. A lot of the fruits, vegetables and herbs used in the hotel’s vegetarian, vegan and local cuisine are grown organically on the hotel’s property. The spa offers varied wellness programs. Guided tours and excursions to natural high lights of Dominica are available daily Every year between March and October endangered sea turtles nest and hatch on the black sand beach of the Rosalie Bay Resort, protected by the Rosalie Sea Turtle Initiative. Guests can learn about the turtle conservation program, join guided educational walks, night watches and help the tiny hatchlings into the sea.

The owner Beverly Deikel wrote us that during the construction of the resort a lot of stray dogs visited which she had spayed and neutered. One of them was adopted by the resort. Beverly noticed a great improvement in the general condition oft he dogs in the area and in the relationship betwen the local people and their animals, doubtless a result of the great educational work of the Humane Society Dominica and their phantastic school program that has already taught thousands of Dominican children the love for animals.

Visitors who find an animal needing help on Dominica may contact the Humane Society Dominica
under (767) 440-4080.

Dominican Republic

Cabarete / Sosúa

Gypsy Ranch Rooms in Cabarete

Gypsy Ranch Rooms bei

8 minutes walk from the beach and 15 minutes’ walk from the famous Encuentro Surf Beach Gipsy Ranch Rooms is surrounded by domestic and farm animals.

The Gypsy Ranch Rooms is one of the few hotels in the Caribbean where guests travelling with pets are welcome!

Pets free! Pets are allowed on request. No extra charges.

Villa Mar in Sosúa

A tourist who stayed at the Villa Mar during an extended holiday recommends this hotel as very animal-friendly. The owners keep several dogs.

Hotel Tropix in Sosúa

Since many years the Tropix hotel accomodates volunteering vets for the spay and neuter clinics of the Asocición de los Amigos por los Animales de Sosúa.

Tourists in the region of Sosúa, who want to help an animal, can call the Asociación de los Amigos por los Animales de Sosúa, phone number: 809 571-1167 or Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic, phone number: 809 441-7611.


La Hacienda in Las Galeras

Animal lovers find not only well-kept horses at the hacienda to go riding but also a number of rescued cats and a couple formerly stray dogs that found their forever home here.

Punta Cana

The Palms in Punta Cana

The Palms is a gorgeous and very animal-friendly hotel, equally concerned about environmental and social issues. ( The Palms accommodated Dr. Patzak-Theen ( July 18th – 24th 2014) who enjoyed her stay and the company of Esther, rescue dog that was adopted by The Palms, very much. Meet Esther:

Guesthouse Caribe Punta Cana

Guesthouse Caribe Punta Cana on

It is a particular pleasure to me to recommend tourists this small, well managed hotel. Here I stayed when I visited Punta Cana in April 2016. At the entrance I was welcomed by the 2 hotel dogs. My room was decorated with Bougainvillea blossoms, my favorite flowers. The owner is very helpful, trying to fulfill all wishes: At 6.00 am a driver was waiting to take me to the early bus to Santo Domingo. When I return to Punta Cana I know where I will stay: At the Guesthouse Caribe Punta Cana!

Isabel Gorski-Grobe

Hotel 2 Bavaro

The Hotel 2 Bavaro has not only very offers at very moderate rates but belongs to one of the few hotels in the Caribbean that welcome pets.

Under conditions you find: Pets: Pets are allowed on request. Charges may apply.

Boca Chica

Villa Residencial Las Tejas

The Villa Residencial Las Tejas offered their bungalow as location for our cat spay neuter campaign with Dr. Josef Beisl in December 2019

Hotel Neptuno’s Refugio

Since 2018 the hotel has accommodated annually vet teams during spay neuter operatives. Doña Rita is very animal-friendly and all her animals are spayed and neutered.

We recommend a visit at the restaurant Bocana Beach casa Club.

They sponsored fantastic dinners for the vet team during the spay neuter operative in Boca Chica 2020.


The British travel company donated funds to Grenada SPCA to build a new animal hospital in Carriacou. The travel company also offers discount travel for GSPCA members who book travel holidays from the UK to Grenada. THE GSPCA also reports that tourists learn about the hospital while researching their trip. Many visit the animal hospital and bring supplies for the animals with them. Tourists have also been known to bring stray dogs and cats to the hospital.

The following hotels are recommended by Grenada SPCA for being animal-friendly:

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

La Sagesse

Maca Bana

Blue Horizons

Radisson Grenada Beach

Petite Anse

The Grenada SPCA can be reached Monday til Friday from 8:30 to 4:00 at +1 473 440 4874

The Little House, Crayfish Bay Organic Estate

Lylette and Kim Russell support the Grenada SPCA and accommodated our vet Claudia Bretthauer and her team during the spay and neuter operatives 2017 and 2019.


Sandals Resorts International & Sandals Foundation

Since the opening of the first hotel 1981 in Montego Bay, Sandals Resorts International has been engaged in an exemplary manner in the well-being and development of communities on Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean region. In 2009 the Sandals Foundation was launched. Hardly any issue concerning education, healthcare or environmental preservation that the foundation doesn’t tackle! In 2013 26 schools were adopted, 136 scholarships awarded, 544 teachers trained, 28 Computer labs built, 509 computers and 106.000 books donated, 24 children’s homes and infirmeries supported, 107.000 people impacted by healthcare initiatives and 62.000 people gained access to dental and eye care. 2 marine sanctuaries were created, 4210 trees were planted AND 3500 cats and dogs were spayed and neutered in Jamaica and on the Bahamas with the participation of the Sandals Foundation (Resource:

Since 2011 the Sandals Foundation has partnered with the Animal House Jamaica which houses stray animals and works to get them adopted. Their focus there has been in providing proper infrastructure through the installation of fencing for free roaming, construction of kennels and dog houses as well as a water catchment system and pressure pumps to ensure running water is available at all times.

Since 2012 Sandals hotels provide accommodation for the spay and neuter team of the Florida-based animalwelfare organisation International Spay Neuter Network Since then ISNN spays and neuters the cats of the Sandals Resorts and helps with the managing of their feral colonies.

The resorts:

Sandals Montego Bay

Sandals Royal Caribbean

Sandals Inn

Sandals Negril

Sandals Ochi

Sandals Royal Plantation

Sandals South Coast

Guests enjoying their holidays here can do so with the conviction, that tourism can also benefit the environment of a whole region.

Tourists, who find an animal in Jamaica which they want to help, we advise to contact the no-kill shelter The Animalhouse Jamaica ( in Lydford / St. Ann’s near Ocho Rios. Please be so considerate to cover the costs of the rescue because The Animalhouse Jamaica shelters about 200 needy animals at all times.

Puerto Rico

Embassy Suites, San Juan

Amigos de los Animales report that the luxurious Embassy Suites are absolutely pet-friendly and help the rescue organisations in Puerto Rico with financial and material donations.

Verdanza Hotel, San Juan

Also the Verdanza Hotel supports animal welfare in Puerto Rico. Visit the photo gallery of the hotel and meet Draco and friends.

Draco symbolizes all the hopes and aspirations of our project Tourism and Animal welfare!

In May 2013 the pet-friendly Verdanza Hotel rescued Draco, a puppy Belgian Malinois, from a local shelter facing imminent closure. Given a new lease on life, Draco is the ambassador of the property's pet program.

Amigos de los Animales can be contacted at 787-313-5653

Tourists find contact adresses and phone numbers of veterinarians, shelters and animal surrenders (in sad cases where rescue is no more possible and no vet is available) for all regions of Puerto Rico on the website of Amigos de los Animales under Tourist infornation:


The Saba Foundation for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommends the following hotels as particularly animal-friendly:

Queen’s Gardens Resort and Spa

The Queen’s Garden Resort and Spa has a standard donation option for each hotel guest to donate to animal welfare.

Juliana’s Hotel

Scout’s Place Hotel

In all 3 hotels you will meet friendly dogs that belong to the staff and accompany their owners to work. All pets are spayed and neutered.

St. Kitts

Timothy Beach Resort, Frigate Bay

The beautiful resort at Frigate Bay takes care of the feral cats of the area in an exemplary manner and had the cats on its grounds spayed and neutered by PAWS , the animal welfare organisation of students of the veterinarian faculty of the ROSS University who help countless animals on St. Kitts. Paws can be contacted by tourists at 760-7492. In case of a medical emergency call 662-7080.

Don't miss visiting the animal-friendly Reggae Beach Bar & Grill.

Ross student visit here often at the weekend with their dogs.


We don’t have a lot of good news about Nevis but there is one place we can recommend.

When on Nevis don’t miss visiting the Turtle Time Beach Bar & Grill on Pinney‘s Beach. Excellent food, first class service and – an animal loving owner!

Read the reviews of other guests on Tripadvisor

Otherwise applies to Nevis: If you observe animal abuse seek other witnesses immediately (not locals), take photos from a safe distance, call the police, insist that the police take down your complaint and hand you a copy. Email this copy and your protest to the minister of tourism and foreign affairs Hon. Mark Brantley because the minister needs proof and witnesses to enable him to prosecute offences against animals.

St. Thomas

In 2007 Dellia Holodenschi, founder of the Lucky Paws Foundation (and the Facebook Web Site) opened up the first cat cafés on St. Thomas.

Stray and feral cats are trapped by Lucky Paws, spayed and neutered and then released again to their original locations where they are fed and monitored by volunteers at the cat cafés. Over 25 cat cafés exist nowadays, helping hotels, resorts, restaurants, condominium associations, businesses and individuals to manage their cat colonies.

The following resorts participate in the cat café program:

Marriott Frenchman’s Reef

The Ritz Carlton

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

Sugar Bay

Island View Guesthouse

auf Tripadvisor

Bluebeards Beach Club

Mahogany Run Golf Course

The cat cafés save the lives of countless cats that would be euthanized in shelters because they can’t be re-homed.


Signs inform the guests of the resorts about the cat café program.

2010 the first high volume spay and neuter clinic of Spay Neuter Island Pets (SNIP) was held at the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort.

Don’t miss visiting Magen's Bay when visiting St. Thomas! It is considered to be one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world!

Particularly well liked by cats and tourists alike is the cat café at Magen's Bay.

It is video-surveilled 24 hours a day.

Signs inform also that it is forbidden to abandon cats at the café.
Tourists can reach Lucky Paws at (340) 513-1854.