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At the A.A.A.S. for the first time

For a long time already I had wanted to visit the A.A.A.S. myself , having sent so many vets there during the past 4 years. Still, when our travel agent, who books all our vets’ flights, offered me a particularly cheap flight, it came as a big surprise. I had exactly 24 hours time to take it or leave it. Once I had managed to find a replacement to take care of my 10 dogs, 13 cats and 2 horses, there was no stopping me.

Of course I didn’t want to come empty-handed to the A.A.A.S and so I wrote to all our vets and asked for donations of meds and material. So many parcels were sent to me that I couldn’t possibly take it all, being limited to 28 kilos of luggage. The rest will be sent with vets who come to Sosúa in the future. I received a big parcel also for the Sugar Kids, whose school had been turned into a clinic during the operative with Dr. List, Dr. Bonin and Dagmar Stech, filled with kids’ clothes and toys.


Special thanks to Dr. Anne List, Dr. Tim Bonin, Dagmar Stech, Tarek El Kashef, Dr. Susanne Vogler, Heike Müller, Anja Hess and Dr. Katja Schirren.

Late in the evening I landed in Puerto Plata. It was a little bit scary to pass the controls with all those meds , without being able to show a vet’s license but I was guided through very friendly. Outside I was welcomed by Judy and Carl who manages the Tropix, a hotel that has accommodated already quite a few of our vets. They took me to the appartement of „WG“, Judy’s German friend who had offered it to me when staying in Sosúa.

Next morning I’m walking to Judy, along the Sosúa-Cabarete highway, past the gas station, to the right at the sign of Dr. Bob’s, with the big rottweiler upon it, onto a small dirt road. How often have I described this road to others during the passed years! Now I’m walking it myself for the first time, with a considerably raised heart beat! At the far end I can see some small houses: To the right the entrance of Dr. Bob’s clinic, to the left Judy’s house and inbetween, a little further back, the A.A.A.S. clinic.

Judy's House

For the first time at the A.A.A.S

The youngest are living on the clinic grounds.

My backpack has been discovered: “There must be a way to open this damn’ thing….!”

Behind Judy’s house there is the pet lodge with kennels…

…and fenced areas,…

…filled with many rescued dogs and very few paying guests.

Always ready to fool around…

Little Digit has discovered a hole in the fence and wants to play with the grown ups now.

The pet lodge also offers the services of a dog parlour and Frank, Judy’s right hand at the kennels, grooms his clients to perfection.

Finally in the holy of holies, the surgery of the A.A.A.S. where I have sent so many vets to these past years! Hard to describe what I feel in this moment; happiness, joy, excitement, a kind of emotional hurricane…, but most of all a deeply felt gratefulness for all we have been able to reach so far, on both sides of the Atlantic, and towards all our supporters!

Judy supplied me with a bicycle and a handy and lent me her camera because mine had stopped working as soon as I arrived. Then she took me to the local vegetable stores and then… I was independent!

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