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Back in Sosúa

Back in Sosúa I headed straight away to „my beach“, of course.

And sure enough, at Ruffino’s a little newcomer awaited me that needed special attention.

This little puppy would have needed its mother for a few weeks more, like so many others I saw here. I dewormed it and left a little money with A.A.A.S. for its vaccination.

At the end of the beach I finally met “Funky Punky” again. I had worried a lot about him because I hadn’t seen him since my first visit to the beach and at that time he didn’t look good. A fat maggot had begun to poke its way through the skin at his neck; he had a large inflamed spot at his throat and a severe limp.

Now he looked a lot better. The maggot was gone and the inflamation at his throat had nearly disappeared. He was still limping but that was caused by an old fracture. Linda, a friendly French lady who runs a restaurant there, told me that as a youngster he had been hit by a car. Linda feeds him, she has given him his name and she has registered him for the next spay and neuter clinic.

Upon my return to Sosúa Judy had had some good news for me: 2 volunteers, Colleen and Lee, were going to take over the work at the beach when I went back to Germany. I was so happy!

Colleen and Lee, 2 A.A.A.S. veterans.

Colleen works in the A.A.A.S. thrift store, Lee takes the dogs of the pet lodge for walks. And I witnessed 2 adoptions that week:

A retired German couple in the process of taking up permanent residence in the Dominican Republic adopted Tyson.

They returned already the next day for a visit, They were thrilled by Tyson and want to continue to support the A.A.A.S. in the future.

Little Digit was adopted by a young Norwegian couple.

Filling in the adoption form…

Someday little Digit will play in the snow.

2 important events were still on my agenda during this last week: A tour with Tanya and Tom through one of the areas of their community outreach program and a visit at the Sugar Kids School!

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